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If it’s not in your hands, it should be stored securely.

Research your options and talk to fellow gun owners. Remember, we’re in this together. There’s always a safe gun storage solution that meets your needs.

Smart Safe Gun Storage Options

Full sized gun safe

Full-Size Gun Safe

Need to store multiple guns in one place? A large gun safe is the answer. These safes are safest when bolted or otherwise secured to your home. And if you want, you can even get one with a biometric lock that opens in an instant for quick access.

Gun lock box with unloaded gun

Lock Box

The safest approach is to never store a gun loaded, even for home defense. For those owners who store their guns loaded regardless, a lock box is an option that’s smaller and more mobile than a traditional safe. There are biometric versions that open based on a fingerprint. Passcode versions don’t require a battery, but are also less secure.

Console/Vehicle Gun Safe

Don’t risk keeping your gun in your glovebox. While experts recommend leaving your gun securely stored at home, there are legal, secure cases that can be attached to your vehicle, either in the cab or in the trunk. A vehicle gun safe ensures that kids and thieves can’t get to your gun — but you can.

Gun case with gun

Gun Case

For use in-home or during in-transit storage of one or multiple firearms, these devices can provide a temporary solution when used in conjunction with an external lock.

Gun with trigger lock

Trigger Lock

These small devices fit inside a gun’s trigger guard. Used correctly, they will block accidental discharges. They’re better than nothing, but can be dismantled with the right tools and don’t prevent theft or loading of the weapon.

Gun with cable lock

Cable Lock

Gun cable locks thread through the slide and out the bottom of the grip. Used correctly, they prevent the action from cycling and make it impossible to load the weapon at all. But be aware that they don’t prevent theft, and can be dismantled with enough time and the right tools.

Let's Talk Guns Colorado - Safe with digital key code panel
Let’s Talk Guns Colorado – Safe with digital key code panel

Restrict Access to Keys and Combinations

Keep the keys and combinations to your gun safe in a secure and inaccessible location, known only to authorized individuals. Every extra layer of caution makes it that much harder for a thief or child to get to your gun.

Let's Talk Guns Colorado - Safe gun storage in car

Cargo Area Storage

Effective for transporting firearms to the range or field, cargo area storage models are available for cars, SUVs and trucks. These devices allow for locked storage, concealment, and protection from bumps and jostling.

Let's Talk Guns Colorado - Wireless gun storage solutions

Wireless Gun Safe Monitor

An electronic monitor will alert you if anyone attempts to access your storage device or handle your firearm without your authorization. Some sound an audible alarm, and some can even be connected to your smartphone.

It’s about protecting your loved ones.

Safe gun storage is the responsible choice, ensuring that firearms are kept in the hands of responsible owners.

It’s not about living in fear or judgment—it’s about embracing a culture of safety and personal responsibility. Every action we take today has the power to shape a safer tomorrow.