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How do Extreme Risk Protection Orders save lives?

What do you do when an individual is a threat to themselves or others by having access to their firearm? An Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO) is a civil court order issued by a judge that removes guns from the situation. It’s temporary. It’s safe. And it can save lives.

Law Enforcement

Colorado Extreme Risk Protection Order Laws

ERPOs allow concerned family members, teachers, medical professionals, mental health providers, attorneys general, district attorneys, and law enforcement officers to petition a judge for temporary firearm access restrictions when someone poses a risk to themselves or others.

§§ 13-14.5-101 — 13-14.5-116, C.R.S.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders are used when a gun owner poses a significant risk of causing personal injury to themself or others by having access to a firearm. Maybe they have made credible threats to their own safety or to the safety of family members, coworkers, schoolmates, or others. In these moments, family members and certain professionals now have another way to help prevent violence and save lives.

Five steps to petitioning for an Extreme Risk Protection Order

The Extreme Risk Protection law is designed for use by trusted professionals and family members.

  • Go to your District or County Court to pick up a petition. Or simply download the form online.
  • Fill out the petition and drop it off at the District or County Court in the county where the person you’re concerned about lives. Family and household members may also file in the county where they reside, where they or the respondent work, or where the actions subject to the petition took place.
  • The court will consider your petition on the next working day. The respondent won’t be told, but you must be there in person unless the court grants you an exemption.
  • If the court issues an Extreme Risk Protection Order, local law enforcement officers will deliver it. The person you’re concerned about must hand over their guns for 14 days and may not acquire new guns.
  • In some cases, the court may extend the Extreme Risk Protection Order for up to 364 days.

Want to speak with someone about filing an Extreme Risk Protection Order?

Call Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Hotline at 855-999-3776 (ERPO). They’re available 24/7 to provide relevant resources related to Extreme Risk Protection Orders and information on the process to file for one.

Please be aware that the hotline will not provide legal advice or serve as an avenue for an individual to file a petition for a temporary order. The hotline will not advise callers on the consequences related to the filing or false filing of a petition for a temporary Extreme Risk Protection Order. The hotline may refer callers to the appropriate venue to file the order for further information concerning the results of filing the order.